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a painting of a peacock in the middle of purple flowers and green grass with trees behind it
there is a large display of oranges in the shape of ducks
Photographies Fête du citron® 2012
two sculptures made out of plants in the middle of a field with yellow flowers and green grass
22 Marvelous Grass Sculptures - Gift Ideas - Creative Spotting
two people sitting on top of a rock in the middle of flowers and plants around them
Aurora & Prince Phillip
a man and woman made out of plants in the middle of a garden with a dog
Topiary frames by Jeff Brees
two people made out of grass hugging each other
13 sculptures végétales à couper le souffle
three large green teddy bears sitting in the grass
a green head with grass growing out of it's face in the middle of some bushes
two people made out of grass sitting on a bench in front of a park area
there is a fake gorilla sitting on top of some bushes in the yard with other plants around it
a lawn mower made to look like it is sitting in the middle of some grass
some fake people are laying down on the ground in front of a grassy area with trees and bushes
a stone statue laying in the grass next to a brick wall