Divine Avatars of God Shri Maha Vishnu

Dashavatar / Dasavatharam (in Tamil) / Dashavatara refers to the Ten manifestations (Avatars) of Bhagavan Sri Maha Vishnu taken during various Yugas or Eras.

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ram and sita

Shri Ramayan Manka Ramkatha from Shri Ram Janm till Shri Ram’s Vaikuntha Gaman

Tiruchendur Murugan - Thiruchendur Murugan Temple, Tiruchendur (Tamil Nadu, India)

Gallery of color paintings of nine major South Indian icons of god Skanda-Murugan.

Kalki Avatar Of Lord Vishnu

Vishnu Das avatar -The concept of an avatar comes from the idea that as imbalance and evil become dominant on earth, god manifests for the salvation of mankind.

Advait: Way to Attain Lord Siva

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Shree Kedarnath Dham.Uttaranchal.India.

Shree Kedarnath Dham.Uttaranchal.India.

Maa Kali

Maa Kali