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When most people think of starting a business, they think of beginning from scratch—developing your own idea and building the company from the ground up. But starting from scratch presents some distinct disadvantages, including the difficulty of building a customer base, marketing the new business, hiring employees and establishing cash flow … all without a track record or reputation to go on...

Should You Start a Business From Scratch or Buy an Existing Business?

Merger Alpha’s Editorial team has used its primary research data to identify 19 startups attacking sectors across different industries. The selected 19 companies raised a total of USD 1.8 billion in investment across numerous deals.....

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The visual presentation in the store has always been the major customer motivation accounting for the a majority of retail purchase.


5 Secrets for Effective Visual Merchandizing

Webinar: Learn How A Start Up Can Plan For Success in 2015..


Learn How A Start Up Can Plan For Success in 2015

4 Things Investors think about when Valuing your Business