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Maak zelf je eigen kip voor de pasen.

cute chicken printable and a cute bunny that rocks back and forth - use for "The Little Red Hen" craft - let kids color, fold, and tape on legs - using fine motor skills could be done with a paper plate folded in half

It’s clear we have a new favorite kind of craft in our house…finger puppets! Each new day brings new ideas for fun critters we want to make and our latest bee finger puppets are soooo super adorable that you are going to want to immediately turn off your computer and go make them with your …

These super cute bee finger puppets are perfect for a spring or summer kids craft or when learning about bees or insects. Try making it as a book extension with a favorite children's book with a bee character.

Chemical change in matter

We say there us a chemical change in a matter when the internal make-up (molecules) of the object changes, and can never be reversed.