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a man with no shirt on standing in front of a sign that says, i'd lame, weak bullset fok that sketch he never should have done it
What The SNL Staff Thinks Of The Chris Farley 'Chippendales' Sketch
Farley’s significant substance use during his time on the show raises questions as to whether this type of comedy was detrimental to his own body image issues and mental health. Farley’s former friends and colleagues weigh in on the subject.
the motorcycle gang is riding down the road with one another and two other people on motorcycles
Here Are All The Things That Sons Of Anarchy Got Totally Wrong About California Motorcycle Gangs
The show is vaguely factual – emphasis on vaguely. Motorcycle club culture is a real thing, and here's how it differs from SoA.
two people hugging each other in the same room
The Saddest Television Deaths Ever
These moments evoke a spectrum of emotions, demonstrating the power of television to create empathy, astonishment, and grief.