Veg balls recipe in hot garlic sauce

veg balls in hot garlic sauce recipe - indo chinese recipes. I tested this recipe. The first sauce was great, the second sauce was not. The veg balls were a hit.

Chilli Paneer

Chilli Paneer (Dry) - A wonderful appetizer from the Indo Chinese cuisine. Soft Paneer (Indian Cottage Cheese) tossed in wonderful asian sauces and flavors. Vegans can easily substitute Firm Tofu for (Chicken Cacciatore Thermomix)

Enjoy the healthy version of non fried mixed veg manchurian dumplings tossed in soy based gravy is a popular Indo - Chinese recipe. Pair it with white rice or noodles to create a lip smacking meal.

It is Indo Chinese. It is Chinese ingredients given a strange but lip smacking Indian twist. Chinese Bhel is Crispy Noodles

Veg Manchurian or Vegetable Manchurian Recipe

Veg Manchurian (Indo-Chinese dish of deep fried vegetable balls and sweet and sour sauce/gravy)

Vegetable hot and sour soup recipe (Indian Chinese

Vegetable Hot and Sour Soup or veg hot and sour soup recipe with step by step photos - one of the most popular Indian-chinese soup recipes.

Chilli paneer dry recipe (How to make dry chilli paneer

Chilli Paneer Dry Recipe with step by step photos - a popular Indo-Chinese recipe. Serve as a starter or appetizer. This is restaurant style paneer chilli recipe

Chilli baby corn

chilli baby corn recipe with video. indo chinese recipe of crisp and spicy chilli baby corn. i have pan fried the batter coated baby corn, as i wanted a lighter and healthier dish.

It is Indo Chinese. Its Chinese ingredient gives a strange but lip smacking Indian twist. Bhel Noodles are Crispy Noodles with vegetables, tossed with sauce. Posted by Habib Akhtar.

Vegetarian recipe for Manchow Soup, a popular soup from the Indo-Chinese cuisine that uses many vegetables, thickens because of cornstarch, and usually has a garnish of crispy fried noodles and spring onions.

Chilli paneer recipe with step by step photos. Chilli paneer recipe is a very famous side dish from Indo chinese cuisine. Chilli paneer is a colorful tasty side dish with bell peppers and paneer.

Vegetable fried rice recipe (Veg fried rice)

Vegetable fried rice recipe - Most popular fried rice recipe from Indo-Chinese cuisine. Very simple yet delicious veg fried rice. the chinese meal is not complete without any rice dish