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Krishnamurti: I'm not an oracle. Delphi has gone long ago. But you can see this for yourself. The ancient Greeks, and the ancient Hindus talked about knowing yourself. It is as old as the hills. To see that the moment recognition takes place you are not knowing yourself at all. As mankind we suffer, go through a great deal of anxiety, uncertainty, sorrow. So we go through it, each one of us. So we are essentially the common humankind. I am all that. Understand it and go beyond yourself.

"It is accomplished." Krishnamurti: And to see it completely, don't move, thought mustn't interfere. Don't let thought carry away in any direction. Just observe it. And you will see, if you do, real depth of understanding comes and with it intelligence. And when there is that intelligence you don't have to struggle, it is finished.

"Unless you feel new you cannot create anything new". - Krishnamurti. My name is Neo Advaita. Advaita, refers to the state of non-duality of the Self and God. An entire ‘neo-Advaitic’ movement has arisen reflecting not only traditional teachings but the demands of western culture. The teachings of J. Krishnamurti is often the source of Neo-Advaita’s rejection of support practices. "The first step is the last step." - K

B: What is the sub-stratum of all experience? What is that out of which all experiences arise? What is the matrix? Krishnamurti: Is it an accumulation of experience? The matrix is things put together. The matrix of the carpet is the warp and woof. The matrix of experience is experience. Are you asking, what is the material upon which experience leaves a mark? Obviously, it is the brain. The cells are the material on which every incident leaves a mark, every experience, conscious or…