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Erupting volcano, Hawaii

Erupting volcano - Most of the geodes that we find today were actually created when ancient Volcanoes erupted! As the lava cooled, air bubbles became trapped inside creating empty pockets. Over millions of years these pockets filled with the minerals

Volcano erupting

During the Hadean Eon volcanoes played an integral part in the formation of the Earth. Even today volcanoes play a key role in the Earth's continued renewal of itself. Children and adults alike, it seems, are fascinated by these fountains of living.

Underwater Volcanic Eruption Gives Birth To New Island Off Japan

TOKYO – A volcanic eruption has raised a new island, according to earthquake experts and the Japanese coast guard. It is just off the coast of Nishinoshima, a small, uninhabited island in the.

Volcanic eruption

Guatamala, Santa Maria, Santa Maria ia a large active volcano in the Western Highlands of Guatemala, close to the city of Quetzaltenango. Last eruption 2013 (continuing)