Did you know that aluminium was identified as an elemental metal in 1808 and was refined around 1825? In fact before, it was considered to be more luxurious than gold and was more expensive! #AluminiumFacts #JindalAluminiumLimited

Aluminium extrusions are widely used in construction sector which is one of the major consumers of extrusion these days. Jindal Aluminium Limited supplies aluminium extruded profiles for major construction projects and we are famous for our timely delivery even under short notice without compromising on quality. #JindalAluminiumLimited #AluminiumExtrusion

JAL produce 7075 Alloy in solid form which have large application and is used mainly in marine, automotive and aviation sector. It can be used for the products where strength is critical, such as rock-climbing equipment, hand glider airframes and bike frames etc are commonly made from 7075 aluminum. To cater to the increasing demand JAL recently enlarged its #manufacturing range to produce up to 241 MM round rod in 7075 grade which is going to be used in pneumatic cylinders. #7075Alloy

The Building and Construction Industry is the largest consumer of aluminium extrusions in India followed by the industrial and transport segments. Jindal Aluminium Limited supplies aluminium extruded profiles and products to large scale constructions, heavy electrical industries and automobile companies as well. Check out our product range @ http://www.jindalaluminium.com/jindal-product.php #JindalAluminiumLimited #AluminiumExtrusion

The roots of innovation lie in the willingness to try, experiment, fail and learn from mistakes. For after all, that is how true progress is achieved. #Jindal #Aluminium Limited believes in constant #innovation and #research to achieve scientific #development and this is why we have our own in house facilities for developmental research and innovation. #JAL #ContinuousInnovation

Perfection may not be attainable to the fullest possible extent but chasing it you can achieve excellence! At Jindal #Aluminium Limited, it is our policy to pursue quality and excellence in all spheres of our work. Jindal Aluminium Limited – Uncompromised Quality Delivered #aluminumextrusion #Jindal #quality

Positive work environment not only boosts productivity, it also cultivates accountability, responsibility and improves communication. At JAL, we believe in working as a team and we are famed for a work environment that is conducive. #Jindal #PositiveWorkEnvironment

Did you know that #aluminium is completely #recyclable and the recycling process requires only 5% of the energy required to produce it from its ore? Stay tuned to this space for more such interesting facts and trivia about aluminium and aluminium extruded products. #JindalAluminiumLimited #AluminiumFacts

Things won’t get better until you think better. We have always believed in #innovation and have strived towards perfection and continuous improvement and our position in the #aluminium #extrusion industry stands testimony to this. #JindalAluminiumLimited #QualityPolicy http://www.jindalaluminium.com/jindal-quality-policy.php

The Building and Construction Industry is one of the largest consumers of aluminium extruded products in the country. Where are aluminium extruded profiles used in the B&C industry? • prefabricated structures • windows and door frames systems • curtain walling • structural glazing • roofing and exterior cladding • space frame systems • scaffolding and beams • Extrusions for partitions http://www.jindalaluminium.com/jindal-product.php JindalAluminiumLimited #AluminiumExtrusion

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