World Blood Donor Day 2020

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a poster with the words give blood and a heart hanging from it's side
Give Blood - A gift straight from your heart
Poster created to advertise blood donation awareness. Give blood is a gift from our heart to could save someone's life.
a woman with a red heart tattoo on her left arm and the words, sangue algeria quanto mais voce divide mas se multiplicam
Doação de Sangue
Blood Donation Campaign / Campanha de Doação de Sangue
World Blood Donor Day 2020 | 14th June, 2020
World Blood Donor Day 2020 | Themes of World Blood Donor Day | 14th June, 2020
Violet butterfly brooch with genuine amethyst
Volume brooch, moth brooch with natural stone, gift for mother's Day, large brooch
Cervical screening - NHS
Join Michelle as she gets ready on the day of her cervical screening. Appointments only take five minutes, and there are some simple ways to make it feel as fuss-free and comfortable as possible.
Blood Donation | American Red Cross
Paper stop motion animation for American Red Cross. Artist Margaret Scrinkl
That look of disbelief on her dad’s face🤣😂
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“The Illegal Blood Bank”
EXHIBIT: “The Illegal Blood Bank” seeks to end blood donation discrimination by demonstrating a fairer system. #exhibit #spot #blooddonation
Red Cross encourages donations even though blood drives canceled due to coronavirus
The organization says it is in desperate need of new blood. #redcross #coronavirus #covid19 #donation
Blood Donors in Sweden Get a Text Message Whenever Their Blood Saves Someone's Life
Sweden authorities have decided to be open about the levels of blood in stock. The local blood service’s website shows a live chart of how much blood is left. When people know that the stocks run low they respond more willingly. People become more understanding how important their contribution is. #newtechnology #olyaaman#onlinevisibility #positivenews #savelife #self-importance#Sweden #swedenauthorities #understandingtheimportance #viralmessage #wordsculture #wordscultureonlypositivenews
Blood donation rates decline all over the world.
New technology is helping Sweden’s blood service to keep their stocks up. Donors are sent automatic text messages telling them when their blood has been used. In many cases that means that your blood has saved someone’s life. #feelinggreat #giveblood #makeadifference #newtechnology #olyaaman#onlinevisibility #positivenews #savelife #self-importance#Sweden #swedenauthorities #understandingtheimportance #viralmessage #wordsculture #wordscultureonlypositivenews
Myths about blood donation debunked - Graz, Blood Plasma, Blood Cells, Blood Test, Clinical Trials
Myths about blood donation debunked • KajoMag
Myths about blood donation debunked -
a red ribbon with the words grand re - opening on it and stars in the background
Grand Re-Opening - Kimberley Blood Donor Centre • Kimberley PORTAL
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