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I know many of you feel like this, but I hope you have a great week ahead - Relationship
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the tweet has been posted to someone on twitter, and it looks like they are
four different types of people with text on them
if you relate to any of these, please go get some help /gen
a poster with the words self - sabotge looks like in green and white
Asperger's Issues
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Let down
a text message that reads, when you're not used to being confident, confidence feels
Dr. Vassilia @JunoCounseling When you're not used to being confident, confidence feels like arrogance. When you're used to being passive, assertiveness feels like aggression. When you're not used to getting your needs met, prioritizing yourself feels selfish. Your comfort zone is not a good benchmark. - iFunny
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Difference Between Shyness and Social Anxiety | Definition, Characteristic Features, Signs