Jasmyn's shower

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Balloons and backdrop
Balloons and backdrop
there are many pieces of chocolate on the table
several bottles of liquor wrapped in plastic bags on a wooden table with blue ribbon around them
Man shower goodie bags!!
a basket filled with lots of cards sitting on top of a wooden crate
"Take one and watch love grow" sunflower seeds as a thank you gift for a couples wedding shower
two mason jars with tags on them sitting next to each other
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40 MASON JAR SOAPS {Favors} - Shabby Chic, Whimsical Wedding, Rustic, Jar Soap, Mason Favors, Bridal Shower, Birthday, Camping, Baby Shower
two mason jars filled with candles sitting on top of snow covered ground next to pine cones
19 DIY Wedding Shower Favors That Are Stupid Easy
Make pine-scented candles to celebrate an upcoming winter wedding.