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a woman sitting in a chair with the caption i don't understand why anyone won
E-card bonanza
100% true
Compression Socks for glamorous nurses ;) 3d Printing, Medical, Cardiovascular, Compression, Apparel, Kleding, Nurse, Nurse Rock, My Style
Compression Socks for glamorous nurses ;)
a woman sitting at a desk with the caption i've been at work less than 30 minutes and already i am using the word fuk like a comma
What A Day
Love this ecard.
Night shift Work Humour, Dating Memes, Love My Job
Night shift
Med, Face
a baby wearing a knitted hat with the caption, die dag is lank
Nurse humor.
an empty hallway with the words, the world will be a better place when nurses are paid more than professional athletes they throw balls
In an ideal world...right?! Until then, make sure to thank your nurses! This website has an awesome way to send your nurse a Thank You! Pin now, use later! #nursesrock #allnurses #thankanurse #nurselife
to be a nurse.... Medical Humour, Medical Humor, Work Humor, Nurse Humor, Nurse Life
Funny Workplace Memes & Ecards | Someecards
to be a nurse....
a sign that says rn does not mean refreshments & narcotics
two firemen in black jackets and blue pants are on the ground
Page 4 – The Internet's Most Asked Questions
The ACLS handbook actually states that decapitation is a legitimate reason to forego resuscitation attempts...apparently these guys didn't read their copies! BAHAHAHA!!!
a purple coffee cup with the words keep calm i'm a damn nurse on it
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Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at