Trolls are everywhere! This book is a history of trolls from their first appearances in folk tales - some people reported actual encounters with trolls, and others found such encounters plausible even if they were not sure - and follows a natural transition from folklore to trolls in other domains of popular culture.

''Good evening, old man! the boy greeted'' Illustration of Walter Stenström's The boy and the trolls or The Adventure in childrens' anthology Among pixies and trolls - John Bauer

Food has always been a favourite subject of the world’s artists, from still-lifes by Matisse and Picasso to the works of Claes Oldenberg and Andy Warhol. But how do artists eat? The Modern Art Cookbook provides a window into how both great and lesser-known modern artists, writers and poets ate, cooked, depicted and wrote about food.

The Modern Art Cookbook Mary Ann Caws Picasso’s sangria, Emily Dickinson’s gingerbread, Frida Kahlo’s red snapper, and other delectable delights from beloved artists and writers

More than any other figure throughout art’s long history, Andy Warhol has attracted fans, aficionados, enthusiasts, experts, critics, art historians, philosophers and many thoughtful others who have not just reported on the details of his life’s work but have struggled to make sense of it as an enigma.

Citizen Warhol by Blake Stimson,

The Story of Black explores the ambiguous relationship the world’s cultures have had with this often self-contradictory colour, examining how black has been used as a tool and a metaphor in a multitude of startling ways.

Francisco Goya Witches in the Air, , Museo del Prado, Madrid. Read more about the symbolism and interpretation of Witches in the Air by Francisco Goya.

In 1976 David Bowie left Los Angeles and the success of his celebrated albums Young Americans and Station to Station and settled in Berlin, where he would work on his ‘Berlin Triptych’, the albums Low, ‘Heroes’, and Lodger, which are now considered some of the most critically acclaimed and innovative of the late twentieth century. This is the story of the vital time: of an artist and the city that changed him forever.

"Heroes: David Bowie and Berlin" by Tobias Rüther, Anthony Matthews.

Beastly London explores the complex and changing relationship between Londoners of all backgrounds and their animal neighbours, and reveals how animals helped to shape the city’s economic, social and cultural history.

Beastly London by Hannah Velten from Reaktion Books

Bollywood movies have long been known for their colourful song-and-dance numbers and knack for combining drama, comedy, action-adventure and music. The strikingly illustrated 'Bollywood’s India' examines Hindi cinema's depictions of everyday life in Indian society and asks what they reveal about India as a nation. This illuminating book argues that Bollywood's interpretations of India over the last two decades are a reliable guide to understanding the nation’s changing hopes and dreams.

Bollywood's India: Hindi Cinema as a Guide to Contemporary India Reaktion Books

The Luminous and the Grey is a study of the places where colour comes into being and where it fades away, an inquiry into when colour begins and when it ends, both in the material world and in the imagination. Batchelor draws on a wide range of material, including neuroscience, philosophy, literature, film and the writings of artists; and makes use of his own experience as an artist who has worked with colour for more than twenty years.

The Luminous and the Grey

Gypsies, Roma and Travellers are some of the most marginalized and vilified people in society. They are rarely seen as having a place in a country, either geographically or socially, no matter where they live or what they do. Another Darkness, Another Dawn is a new history that charts their movement through time and place: from their roots in the Indian subcontinent, across the Byzantine and Ottoman empires to western Europe and the Americas, to their place in the contemporary world.

ANother Darkness, Another Dawn: A history of Gypsies, Roma and Travellers - Becky Taylor - New Books Section - 2014

Salmon by Nicolaas Mink (Author) Salmon: A Global History traces salmon’s history from the earliest known records to the present, telling the story of how the salmon was transformed from an abundant fish found seasonally along coastal regions to a mass-produced canned food and a highly prized culinary delight.

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In Brazilian Jive, David Treece uncovers the genius of Brazilian song, both as a sophisticated, articulate art form crafted out of the dialogue between music and language and as a powerfully eloquent expression of the country’s social and political history.

Brazilian Jive by David Treece from Reaktion Books

The blues of Blue Mythologies include those present in the world’s religions, a robin’s egg, science, slavery, gender, sex, art, literature and contemporary film.

The book Blue Mythologies: Reflections on a Colour, Carol Mavor is published by Reaktion Books.

Eggs by Diane Toops  Which came first, the chicken or the egg? In Hindu scripture, the world began as an egg. Laid by a swan floating on the waters of chaos, after a year the egg split into silver and gold halves, with the silver becoming the earth and the gold transforming into the sky.

Reaktion Books - Publisher of books on art, culture, animals, food and

In this richly illustrated book, Victoria Dickenson explores the natural and cultural history of this most familiar creature, from the giant extinct rabbits of Minorca to the tiny endangered Volcano rabbits of Mexico.

Product display page for Rabbit by Victoria Dickenson

In Mushroom, Cynthia D. Bertelsen examines the colourful history of edible fungi, whose story is fraught with murder and accidental death, hunger and gluttony, sickness and health, religion and war. Some cultures equate them with the rottenness of life while others delight in cooking and eating them, and elevate them to the status of delicacy.

Mushroom: A Global History PDF - books library land

In Game, the first culinary overview of the subject, Paula Young Lee describes the fascinating history of a food so diverse it ranges from luxury good to staple of the poor.

Product display page for Game by Paula Young Lee