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80% of Reality Tour and Travel profits go back to the community

We believe that tourism can and should be a force for local development. Reality Tours is a social business that uses a profit sharing model to fund our sister-NGO Reality Gives. Eighty percent of our post-tax profits go directly to Reality Gives which runs high quality education programs in areas where Reality Tours works.
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By opening their clinic within the slum, the Barefoot Acupuncturists bring a local solution to Dharavi communities. Acupuncture is a worldwide used medicine, recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Safe, side effect free and low cost, it offers unique qualities to serve the poorest by making affordable and accessible to them an efficient healthcare.


Barefoot Acupuncturists

Through this project, students of the Youth Empowerment Program have the opportunity to improve their English language skills alongside their daily English classes using an interactive mobile application. Students often find that, while they learn a great deal from using English in the classroom, there isn't anyone to help to practise their English at home. However, most students do have access to a mobile phone.

Mobile English Language Learning - Reality Gives

The Ashayen Community Centre is in the heart of Dharavi and its main goal is to provide a space for programs for local people. Upon starting Reality Gives, we consulted the local communities to see what they most wanted and they asked for English and programs.

Reality Gives

Very close to the heart of Reality Gives founder, Chris Way, the English curriculum development is a long term project of Reality Gives led by former volunteer, Jonny Clarke. Under Jonny’s guidance, various people have contributed to the development of the curriculum, including a team of teachers from the UK language school Malvern House.

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The Girl’s Football Program aims to make it acceptable for girls to play sport within their community, to offer them escapism, fun, the opportunity to compete and the chance to broaden their own personal development. We are proud to be delivering this program in partnership with Nimaya Foundation who assists in providing space for the girls to play and promoting the program throughout Dharavi, and with Oxylane Foundation who provide quality kit and resources to the program.

Girls Football - Reality Gives

Conceived in Mumbai's Dharavi slum in February 2009, Project Front Foot (a registered UK charity) is a Kit 4 Kids campaign in two distinct phases: the first to publicise the project and collect cast-off, out-grown and second-hand cricket kit and equipment in the UK; the second to get the kit to Mumbai and then set up and run a series of coaching clinics for the slum children.

Front Foot - Reality Gives

The game was introduced to Mumbai by an Australian expat living in Mumbai. With its blend of speed, contact and skill, it is a sport for all ages and sizes.

Reality Gives

We believe that primary education is the most important part of a child’s schooling, as it instils the skills and values that serve as the basis for all future learning. Therefore, we run the Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grade within Royal City School, Dharavi. By 2016 we hope to extend this through to fourth grade.

Royal City School

Part of Reality Gives' original vision was to assist teenagers and young adults who have been sidelined or ignored by the mainstream education system, or who are struggling to find employment. So, maintaining our passion for quality education, we started a project to design materials tailored for this exact purpose and the Youth Empowerment Program was born.

YEP - Reality Gives

Our mission is to facilitate fully functioning and socially responsible communities. To achieve this vision, CORP provides access to fundamental social services such as education, health care, nutrition and vocational training, enabling communities to pull themselves out of poverty and become self-reliant, independent and socially responsible.

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