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Old Delhi Street Food Tour

Each region of India has its unique street food and Delhi is no exception. Visit our favorite vendors in Old Delhi and try the local specialties chole bature, dahi bhalla and aloo chat, as well as parathas, lassi and the very sweet but delicious jalebis and the local equivalent of rice pudding and bread and butter pudding.
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Matar kulcha


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When in Delhi, eat as the Delhiites do. That means chole bature, parathas, dahi bhalla and aloo chat!


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Oh, YUM! Chole Batura. Delhi is famous for its Dilli-ka-Chaat (slang for Delhi street food). Chole batura may not originate from here, but it’s an iconic Delhi snack nevertheless. The chole is a slick of lightly fierce chickpeas, cooked in ghee (clarified butter), with ginger, cumin, coriander, garam masala and mouth-tingling red chilli. The batura is a balloon of hot bread, the ideal complement to and implement for scooping up the moreish chickpea mess…

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