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a basket filled with lots of different types of fruits and vegetables next to each other
7 Vegetables That Shouldn't Share a Garden Bed
Expert gardeners explain why these vegetables shouldn't be planted next to each other and how it can impact your garden crop. #vegetables #garden #gardeningtips #gardencrop
an image of flowers with the words, 10 plants that repel bugs and mosquitoes naturally
16 Plants That Repel Bugs and Mosquitoes Naturally
For natural pest control that also makes your yard prettier, introduce these plants that repel bugs and mosquitoes and take back your outdoor spaces. #gardening #yard #outdoorspaces #plants #bugs #mosquitoes
red flowers growing on the side of a wooden fence
The Best Time To Plant Roses for a Blooming Garden
Life might not be roses and sunshine all the time, but your garden can be. #gardening #roses #plants #flowers
a slug crawling on a green leaf
5 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Slugs from Your Garden
Get rid of the slimy pests invading your lawn or garden (and save your plants!) with these natural, chemical-free methods from experts. #slugs #pests #garden #lawn
a palm tree in front of a pink house with rocks and cactuses around it
How to Xeriscape Your Garden
Reduce your water usage (and your watering duties) by planning out a garden of native and drought-resistant plants. Learn what plants to use, and how to arrange your garden to reduce the need for irrigation. #easycareplants #easyplants #plants #plantsforbeginners #gardening #garden #xeriscape
pink flowers with green leaves in the foreground
The Best Tips on Gardening for Beginners, According to the Pros
You don't need a green thumb to become an at-home gardener. Follow these pro tips to start gardening as a beginner. #gardening #greenthumb #tipsforbeginners #beginnergardening
someone is gardening in their garden with the words, understand your soil for gardening success
Understand Your Soil for Gardening Success
Our guide will teach you how to optimize soil health, enhance plant growth, and cultivate a thriving garden. 🌱💧
a garden with straw and plants growing in it
Everything You Need To Know About Straw Bale Gardening
Straw bale gardening might seem like a novelty or even a too-good-to-be-true scheme, but the method has been around for decades. We asked plant pros with experience gardening in straw bales to find out more about this unusual way of growing vegetables, and they happily shared their top tips to help you get started. #gardening #strawbalegardening #gardeningtips #howtogarden
there's a full guide to the usa gardening zones
Here's a Full Guide to the USDA Gardening Zones
Learn how the USDA gardening zones work, which gardening zone you're in, and the best plants for your region. Plus, learn insight from gardening experts on why the gardening zones matter. #easycareplants #easyplants #indoorplants #plants #plantsforbeginners #gardening #gardeningzones
the best outdoor shade plants for spots that don't get sunlight
The Best Outdoor Shade Plants for Spots That Don't Get Sunlight
If there's an area of your yard that doesn't get much sunlight, then these outdoor shade plants were made for those spots. From colorful nasturtiums to eye-catching alocasia, there are great shade plant options. #easycareplants #easyplants #plants #plantsforbeginners #outdoorplants #gardening
a white light bulb with the words,'grow light led balanced spectrum'on it
The 12 Best Grow Lights for the Indoor Garden of Your Dreams
The best grow lights provide indoor plants with the light they need to be strong and healthy. From compact options for your herb garden to hanging lights for large plants, we selected a range of grow lights to level up any plant collection. #lights #realsimple #garden
Easiest Herbs to Grow Indoors
Easiest Herbs to Grow Indoors
potatoes in paper bags with text overlay that reads, outdoor gardening how to grow potatoes in your home garden
How to Grow Potatoes in Your Home Garden
Yes, you can grow potatoes in your home garden with a few simple steps and some patience. Here's how to grow potatoes you'll enjoy all summer into fall. #gardening#gardenideas#organicgardening#sustainable
the cover of gardening's book, everything you need to know to grow your own vertical garden
Vertical Garden: DIY Vertical Garden Ideas and More
They're not just space-saving: Vertical gardens are also one of the top plant and gardening trends right now—interest in vertical gardens was up 287 percent in 2018—and vertical garden ideas are actually doable at home. They don't require overly fancy garden tools or specialty plants—you can buy plants online to fill your DIY vertical garden. #gardening #verticalgardens #outdoorplants #outdoordecor #indoorplanta