River Cottage Christmas Bread Course

In April this year, I was The Husband took me to Venice , and we had a brilliant party (well, I thought it was brilliant - it was ju.

Bubble & Squeak, Nigella style

Recipe Junkie and the attack of the custard creams: Bubble & Squeak, Nigella style

Cranberry Bakewell Tart

Recipe Junkie and the attack of the custard creams: The Sunday Bake Off - the Festive Episode & Christmas Cake Part 3 - The Icing

Christmas Cake Part 2 - the Marzipan

I like to think I'm a glass half full kinda gal most of the time.

Cranberry & Orange Sauce

Allow me to be unfashionable and say that I love turkey. I love sprouts (as long as they are properly cooked).

Christmas Cake - The Icing

Christmas Cake - The Icing - Recipe Junkie

Christmas Curd

For various reasons including a vomiting child and a cancelled party (both the child and the party being my responsibility), I found myself .

Turkey melts

Yes, another post about what to do with the leftover turkey. Not from me - this is the first time I've posted since Christmas, but just gene.