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a white board with blue writing on it that says, anchor chart for shepherd edu
Sphero Anchor Chart for Elementary Students
paper circles cut out to look like hats and scissors on a wooden table with other crafting supplies
Create Binary Code Ornaments From Christmas Carols
a bulletin board with pictures on it and the words look who got caught reading?
Spectacular Classroom Decor Ideas For High School Perfect Bulletin 671
Images By Amanda On Bulletin Boards | Diy Classroom
a bulletin board with many different social media icons on it and a clock mounted to the wall
Digital footprint bulletin board for my counseling office. Online citizenship
the words great fake website to help teach students about digital literacy
Great Fake Websites to Help Teach Students About Digital Literacy
An internet search might be a good place to start to find out about something, but we shouldn’t just trust the first website result we find. This is especially true when using the internet for research with students. How can we teach them digital literacy and critical thinking skills we all need to survive in the digital world?
the cover of technology books for kids with pictures of children's books on them
Technology Books for Kids
Kids are surrounded by technology in both the classroom and at home. It's important for us to teach our students about technology, how to stay safe online, how to deal with cyber bullying, and how to recognize the need to unplug from time to time. Here are some of my favorite technology books for kids.