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Veera Narayana Perumal Kovil "I am going to Vinnakara temple," said Azhvarkadiyan. "Veeranarayana temple is it?" asked Vandiya Devan. "Yes." "I want to visit that temple too." "I thought maybe you won't come to a Vishnu temple. Here the temple priest is a great devotee of Vishnu," said the Nambi and entered the temple."

Ponniyin Selvan Stage drama in Chennai Music Academy | உங்களில் யார் வந்தியத்தேவன் - குந்தவை ? | VIKATAN

A map of the places mentioned in Kalki's Ponniyin Selvan. Ponniyin Selvan's starts at Kadambur where a young warrior Vandiya Devan arrives bearing messages from the Crown Prince to the King (his father) and Princess Kundavai (his sister).

Ponniyin Selvan. The most enjoyed novel in my life. This is the only novel I felt why it is ending in the last page! Epic! Tamil History!

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