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A Group of Soldiers by Christopher Nevinson

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Nevinson, C.R.W. (1889-1946) - 1916 French Troops Resting (Imperial War Museum, London)

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Dog Tired Christopher Nevinson

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War artist C.R.W. Nevinson depicts an air battle involving Canadian air ace, William 'Billy' Bishop. Bishop's plane, with blue, white and red roundel and tail markings, fights at least three German aircraft. Bishop, the second-highest ranking Allied ace of the war, was credited with the destruction of 72 enemy aircraft. War in the Air Painted by Christopher Richard Wynne Nevinson Beaverbrook Collection of War Art

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Christopher Richard Wynne Nevinson, ‘La Mitrailleuse’ 1915 As a Futurist, Nevinson initially celebrated and embraced the violence and mechanised speed of the modern age. But his experience as an ambulance driver in the First World War changed his view.In his paintings of the trenches, the soldiers are reduced to a series of angular planes and grey colouring. They appear almost like machines themselves, losing their individuality, even their humanity, as they seem to fuse with the machine…

'La Mitrailleuse', Christopher Richard Wynne Nevinson | Tate

Nevinson, C.R.W. (1889-1946) - 1914-15 Returning to the Trenches (Nat. Gallery of Canada, Ottawa) Christopher Richard Wynne Nevinson was an English painter. He is often referred to by his initials C. R. W. Nevinson. He was associated with the vorticists but is perhaps best seen as a futurist. He attended the Slade School of Art and was briefly associated with the Cumberland Market Group before being conscripted in World War I, during which he was appointed an official war artist.

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