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A Howitzer Firing, 1918, by Paul Nash.; Paul Nash became one of the best-known British official war artists of the First World War. This painting highlights the role and power of artillery, which caused the majority of casualties during the conflict. The howitzers are disguised with camouflage netting and a biplane is just visible in the sky, emphasising the modern technology of war supplied by the industry of home. The painting is a modernist interpretation of a modern war.

Nash, Paul (1889-1946) - 1918 Void Oil on canvas; 71.4 x 91.7 cm. Paul Nash, British painter, printmaker, illustrator, and photographer who achieved recognition for the war landscapes he painted during both world wars. Nash studied at the Slade School. Appointed an official war artist by the British government in 1917, he created scenes of war such as The Menin Road (1919), a shattered landscape painted in a semi-abstract, Cubist-influenced style.