More ideas from Renu

STEM Challenge for first graders! It's a cute little Christmas tree made from interlocking cubes!

STEM Activity Challenge: Roller Coasters

STEM Challenge: Create a foam tube roller coaster with loops and curves! Check this blog post!

STEM Activity Challenge: Design a Suspension Bridge

Can you build a suspension bridge? Great STEM Challenge! #STEM #Engineering #teacherspayteachers

STEM Activity Challenge Christmas Cookie Packages

STEM Challenge! What a great way to add STEM to your busy Holiday season. Kids make packages to protect some cookies!

STEM Challenge: Use cardboard tubes as the pathways for this fun coaster! Check this blog post for more!

STEM in 2nd Grade: Build a tower using straws and index cards! More on this blog post!

STEM Activity Challenge Boats and Math Task Cards

Best ever STEM Challenge! It's a boat building event which is already spectacular, but in order to get materials students must solve 8 math problems! Correct answers mean more supplies!

STEM Activity Challenge Easy Bridges with Straws

STEM Challenge: Using only two materials kids build one of four kinds of bridges! These turn out so well! Check this blog post for more!