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Look at the black bits of fare on him

The 5 smartest dog breeds The Planet of PetsThe Shepherd was originally bred specifically for intelligence. Smart, courageous, and protective, the Shepherd is one of the most dependable of companions. They learn tasks after only a few repetitions, and o

2 puppy so cute

We asked veterinary professionals across America which breeds were the noisiest. From the classic Basset Hound howl to the Siberian Husky siren, we explore the sounds of our

Look at blue eyes

My Dog Rosco a Australian Shepherd, Rosco died on April of at the time I lived by P. Phoenix International Raceway and I buried him on turn number two of that race track, he loved to watch the race car's go around the track.

Look at his sharp teeth

The cheetah Cheetah (acinonyx jubatus) is the fastests animals in the big cat family (felidae) most cheetahs are found in Africa an.

It may be sad but if he don't eat he will die

Driven by instinct and the sense to survive, this lioness displays how brute force, strength, speed and sharp teeth can be used to take down a predator. You thought an Africa tour would be peaceful and tranquil? Think again – they’re a bloodbath.

Look at his strips

According to the World Wildlife Fund the biggest success of the summit was the promise of providing new funds of nearly 127 million dollars to support the Global Tiger Recovery plan.