This reminds me of the layers of bipolar.

When you feel bad your mind continues to focus on all the parts of your life that seem to not be working. Then you feel even worse. This all continues until you wake up to the fact that your self-image is just a mental idea. It is just a concept

by Alexander Khokhlov & Valeriya Kutsan

Genius work: faces as optical illusions by photographer Alexander Khokhlov & makeup artist Valeriya Kutsan

"Dancer's feet" - linocut on paper - from Steven Burke's photostream (not clear if Steven Burke created this or 'merely' photographed it....could someone confirm please? I like to credit the actual artist) Tags: Linocut, Cut, Print, Linoleum, Lino, Carving, Block, Woodcut, Helen Elstone, Feet, Hand, Dancing, Ballet.

lino project with emphasis on cross contour and contrasting textures image: Art printmaking after figure drawing


a glimpse of mental illness! This is an amazing interpretation of the anguish of mental illness. No laughing matter! Inspiration to layered etchings

Unresolved anger/angst. Rewrite contracts to reset energy and move forward.

———- Animosity conspires within her belly, Her reactions fast, lightening sparks. She stalks through corridors and hallways, Blood boiling, melting inner warmth of hea…

Painting over Photographs – Artworks by Beatrice Boyle I love the work Beatrice Boyle does by photographing models (often using the same poses as in any magazine fashion ad) and then painting over them. It adds a great degree to the intensity of the portraits, and definitely separates it from any usual fashion shot.

Painting over Photographs – Artworks by Beatrice Boyle I love the work Beatrice…