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What if we painted our vanity this blue or gray? 8 Easy And Cheap Things You Can Do To Transform Your Bathroom

Loving the Turquoise Bathroom Vanity, natural bamboo blind, brass mirror & sconces, hex floor tiles and of course, my favourite white subway tiles.

Julius Bahn specialises in building the finest oak-framed orangeries, perfect for both traditional and contemporary, kitchen and home extensions

As a by-product of today’s way of life, which involves busy schedules, work pressure, and health concerns, stress is quite undesirable. Although we are usually unsuccessfully, we keep searching for ways to cope with stress. Fortunately, a simple and sure solution for stress and similar ailments exists in the form of hand yoga and concentration. …

Surya Mudra: Sun or Uranus Mudra. Increases fire element in the body (& reduces the earth element). Has significant healing capacity, maintains body temp & keeps the metabolism going.

You should eliminate the toxins from your body in order to enhance and maintain your overall health and well-being. Your body is built with many glands, organs, and systems that play an important role in removing the toxins from your body. Specifically, your lymphatic system helps get rid of the toxins. It is …

Here Are the Most Common Signs of a Clogged Lymphatic System! Also, Here Are the Top 10 Ways to Detoxify It and Boost Lymph Flow!

Homemade Intensive Eye Cream

Homemade Intensive Eye Cream

English garden for all seasons. Winner Daily Mail National Garden Competition 2007. Winner Walsall in Bloom 2006.

Mix of evergreens and perennials with a grass lawn space too. Can this please be my back yard space?- WOW amazing mix of color

Belgian Pearls: Accents of Celadon

So, in a home for eventual resale do you go safe with light beige or white walls.or add a color? Fabulously French: Love everything.about this room: why I sell French antiques.