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🙏 - Spirituality - Our obsessive fascination with time is unique to the human race. Although weve tried to measure it, track it, and define it since the dawn of .

The New Camaro Features a Clever Design for HVAC Controls - Core77

Cinttols for the AC are built into the vent itself. Fan speed set by spinning the innermost knob and temp set by spinning the outer chrome bezel. The New Camaro Features a Clever Design for HVAC Controls -

Engineers at Stanford University have reinvented the idea of fluid-operated equipment to create the world’s first water-operated computer

Engineers at Stanford University claim to have created the world’s first water-operated computer. Using magnetized particles flowing through a micro-miniature network of channels, the machine is said to be capable of performing complex logical operations.

yves béhar takes on thermostats with hive 2 for british gas

The Hive Active Heating 2 is a smart thermostat by designer Yves Béhar, aiming at ordinary consumers rather than tech savvy people.

3D Xpoint technology is up to 1000x faster than NAND and an individual die can store 128Gb of data

Xpoint technology is up to faster than NAND and an individual die can store of data

Researchers have created an on-chip incandescent light source using graphene, making it the world's thinnest light-bulb

A team of scientists and engineers have used graphene just one atom thick mounted on a microchip, to create what they claim is the world's thinnest incandescent light-bulb

boost storage capacities by 40 percent by replacing regular old air inside the drive enclosure with helium. The Western Digital subsidiary stayed the course, producing a helium-based 6 TB HDD in 2013 and 8 TB model in 2014, and has now continued the upward trend with the world's first 10 TB hard drive.

HGST's helium-filled HDD offers a world-first 10 TB of storage, HGST's Ultrastar Archive is aimed at enterprise users

Inerventions Mollii suite

The Mollii suite is created by chiropractor Fredrik Lundqvist and a perfect example of innovation at its best. If you suffer from spasticity your neural signals…

Chimp robot - great series of clips here of robots failing !

Rise and falls of the disaster droids

"Team Tartan Rescue's Chimp was one of only three robots that managed to complete all the tasks" (BBC News)

Man using a smartphone in front of an Apple Watch display

The future of the ubiquitous app