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A twist in the tale, rava uttapam muffin taste like an uttapam but looks like a muffin. Its a fusion of Indo-western cooking. These little muffins are really healthy for your loved one and are easy to prepare at home.


Banana and walnut loaf eggless. Its a tea time cake. Rich with the flavour of banana and walnut. Healthy snack for kids and adults!


A tri layered ice-cream cake with no baking or cooking required. Easy to prepare and can be stored ahead of your party when you are actually occupied with some serious cooking.

Mango muffins a vegan recipe. Enjoy the fresh taste of mangoes without any guilt. Its loaded with all the healthy ingredients without use of any artificial flavour or colour.

Herbed potato and onion! a great side with a bread or a bagel. Can be enjoyed during main course or even during snack.


Jeera lassi A summer cooler which can be enjoyed with lunch or as an appetiser before lunch!

Ferns Habitat

MINTY MAGIC DRINK! Summer cooler! a great appetiser during snacks or before a meal. For detailed recipe plz visit the link:-

Ferns Habitat

It is mango shake. Chilled drink made out of mangoes & milk as the main ingredient. It is a healthy drink rich with "mineral and vitamins" and is a hit during summer time.