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Totally agree with this: Honestly, I hated Snape right up until the Deathly Hallows, but the whole time I was trying to see good in Draco. I was so upset at the end, because there just wasn't enough there for him to act on, and it broke my heart.

Harry Potter Head Canons...Calm It Sirius Is My Middle Name.

Head Canon: James Sirius Potter often got told for not having a serious approach when ti came to his school work. "Clam it," he'd say, "Sirius is my middle name>"


HC and graphic submitted by basiliskchamber I think JK said that Dudley did not have magical children - but I like this anyway <<<< she (JK) thought about it but figured no magical blood could make it past vernon.

Harry Potter Head Canons

Why do this to me snape was slways one of my favs amd i always wondered why these akways said potters not just lily i wonder if he wanted the marauders as a friend

Harry Potter Head Canons

Sweet notion, that George is still there with Fred, by his side. The loss of George in that last book was almost more than I could take.<<<Well clearly it wasn't because George didn't die Fred did you filthy muggle.