Bananarama — Keren Woodward, Sara Dallin & Siobhan Fahey. Great representation of new wave style. Ensemble

80s style is back. Here's who you need to know.

Bananarama — Keren Woodward, Sara Dallin & Siobhan Fahey - the most miserable faced girl group in the history of the world, they always looked like their dog had just died

Recorder - I had this model but didn't get too far past 'London's Burning'...

Learning to play the recorder at school. God Save the Queen was the first tune every good Aussie kid learn't to play

I had this, but mine was black.

Vintage Digital Watch Pink Leather Gold I had this exact watch

Monchichi Dolls -- I loved these x And I remember someone stole mine when I went to summer camp as a child.

Mon Chi Chi In honor of my sister. My favorite mon chi chi

80's fashion wheel toy - Google Search

MB vintage Fashion Wheel - My daughter played with hers for hours and grew up to become a Fashion Designer in London

If you grew up in the '80s, you probably played with these.

44 unreal toys everyone who lived in the '80s will remember.

One of my favorites! Fisher Price Little People Tree house - I wish I still had all of my Little People toys!

45 iconic fashion films

45 iconic fashion films, from Roman Holiday to Bonnie and Clyde

Heathers, Yes, that is Winona Ryder and Shannen Doherty. The LA Times said "Without Heathers, there would be no Jawbreaker, no Mean Girls and certainly no Juno"

The best hard rock album of the 80s -- Def Leppard's 'Hysteria.'

Def Leppard 'Hysteria' album cover by the great album designer in the world.