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there is a cake with chocolate frosting and candy in it, on the table
All You Is Now a Part of Southern Living
Easter Bird Nest Cake Recipe~So cute for Easter!! - For all your Easter cake decorating supplies, please visit
how to make fondant flowers for cupcakes with icing and piping
Easy Blooms Flower Cut-Outs
If you never thought you could make a fondant flower, think again. These Easy Blooms flower cut-outs make it so, so simple. The Cut-out tool makes it easy to create pretty fondant flowers. Just cut, layer, roll, pinch and trim.
three pictures of a yellow and black cake with a bulldozer on the side
How to make a 3D digger cake [Excavator cake]
mila+cuatro: How to make a 3D digger cake [Excavator cake]
there is a cake that has been decorated with trees and a camp sign on it
This afternoon the girls and I made our campfire cake⛺️ and put a big check mark ✔️on our #cookbucketlist. I love doing this kind of stuff so, so much! It's like the grown up version of playing American Girl Dolls and Barbies and House all rolled into one--only I get to play with my real life babies in my real life house. ❤️ #cooksummerbucketlist2016 #campfirecake
there is a chocolate cake with orange and yellow decorations on it that looks like a campfire
Campfire cake
Cake Decorating - Campfire cake
there is a cake that looks like asparagus on the bottom and in the middle
16 Crazy Realistic Cakes That’ll Make You Do a Double Take
Veggies have never looked so sweet.