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Power of Quran…

The four times Iblis (Shaaitan) cried: when Allah declared him cursed, when he was thrown out of Jannah (heaven), when the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was born, and when Surah Fatiha was revealed.

When was Iblis cried? Lets recite more surah Al-Fatiha especially after solat

Image de ‫يارب ‬, لا له الا الله, and لا له

Image of first half of Kalimah Shahadat, "La ilaha Illallah.

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Mirecal of Allah.

Something terribly right now

Something terribly right now

Tosee the Prophet Muhammad in your Dreams

To see the Prophet Muhammad SAW in your Dreams

Du'a for regretting speaking ill Sponsor a poor child learn Quran with $10, go to FundRaising http://www.ummaland.com/s/hpnd2z

Du'a for regretting speaking ill / backbiting / Gheebat

The greatest man who ever walked the face of earth. PBUH

simplyhasanah: Our Beloved Messenger (salallahu alayhi wa sallam)

DesertRose,;,Evil eye dua

Protection from Evil eye dua

If you want to learn about Islam read Holy Quran don't judge Islam by watching any individual because everybody is not perfect.

3 situations in which dua will definitely be accepted: When your body starts shaking When you get fear in your heart When you get tears in your eyes


Allah knows and to Him I place my du'a.

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Ya Allah, bless me with Sabr

Battle in which prophet took part. And the day my beloved was born. Subhanallah. ❤

Battle in which Nabi Muhammad SAW took part.

Allah SWT

Even if it is a whisper - Allah hears it

Leave The Judgement To Allah - #Allah #Judge #Trust #Companionship #Islam…

Leave The Judgement To Allah

Leave The Judgement To Allah -