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In this blogpost I take you through upgrading your DJI Phantom 3 controller with a new device holder.

Upgrading your DJI Phantom 3 controller

DJI released their new Intelligent Flight Modes for their Phantom 3 and Inspire One drones. Find out which modes there are and how they can be useful in a real life situation!

Intelligent Flight Modes (IFM) for DJI Phantoms & Inspire one.

I travel 80% of the year with my drone. Security, Customs, Carry-on, Check-in? Learn what you need to do to safely bring your drone to a different country!

Taking your drone abroad.

Pilot spotlight is a weekly post that highlights some of the most talented drone pilots in the world. Every Sunday on!

Pilot spotlight: David Gutiérrez

I review the backpack that I love in combination with my Phantom 3 Professional. The Think Tank Airport HeliPak is the backpack to get...

Review: Think Tank Airport HeliPak

Not sure if building your own drone is the right step for you? Read all about the differences of building your own and a ready to fly drone and see what's best for you!

Ready to Fly or Build your Own?

Follow along with me! I show you step by step how to upgrade your DJI Phantom 3 Controller with a HDMI Output module so you can hook up your TV or FPV Goggles!

Upgrading your DJI Phantom 3 Controller: Part 2

Review:’s & Fieldnotes’ Flightlogs memobooks. Find out why I think you should have them in your bag & get a chance to WIN!

Review:’s & Fieldnotes’ Flightlogs memobooks

We interview Dennis Schmelz from Germany and find out what it takes to work for clients like Emirates & Boeing under tight deadlines!

Pilot Spotlight: Dennis Schmelz

Using a flight log to keep track & build up your flying hours

Create your own Flight Log