Its Raining

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the words keep calm and dance in the rain on a blue background with white clouds
rain - Google Search There's something about the rain that DOES calm my soul!!!
@Jody Bunner - You learned to read so quick with this!! Ha ;) Morton Salt Girl, Red Mary Jane Shoes, Showers Of Blessing, Morton Salt, Umbrella Girl, Red Umbrella, Singing In The Rain, It's Raining
My Favourite Summer Food
@Jody Bunner - You learned to read so quick with this!! Ha ;)
a person holding an umbrella while standing on a bridge in the foggy weather,
How do we awaken consciousness?
Interesting picture
a chalkboard sign that says you make me happy when skies are gray
You Make Me Happy When Skies Are Gray - Print | Lily & Val
You Make Me Happy When Skies Are Gray (Print) - Lily & Val
I love rain! Tumblr, Romantic Rain, Rain Sounds, Rain Days, Rainbow Rain, Ryan Ross, Rain Storm
I love rain!
the words live for this weather are written in white on a rainy window pane
Rain☔️,sound of the cars on wet roads , headlights on cars ...smell of the petrichor; the sweet smell of cleansing of the world ...the birds singing to each other in the trees is the reason why my best days are the ones that are full or rain
a woman's feet in water with a red heart on the ground next to her
...باران كه ميبارد... دلم برايت تنگ ترميشود... راه مى افتم... بدون چتر... من بغض ميكنم ... آسمان گريه!!
the rain is pouring down from the roof
I'm ready for the calmness the rain brings me.
the word season written in blue ink on a white paper with drops of water around it
Monsoon season ;)