AMERICAN BREAKFAST PANCAKES. These are those thick, spongy American pancakes that are often eaten with warm maple syrup and crisp fried bacon. I love them with the syrup alone, but if you do want bacon, I think streaky is best. You can easily cook these pancakes by dolloping the batter onto a hot griddle (smooth, nor ridged, side) or heavy based pan.

American Breakfast Pancakes

American Breakfast Pancakes: These are those thick, spongy American pancakes that are often eaten with warm maple syrup and crisp fried bacon. I love them with the syrup alone, but if you do want baco(Cheese Straws British)

Cookalong Recipe: For some reason this is known in the Antipodes (and I got this recipe from a Kiwi) as Russian Fudge and, although I like this name better, I feel that it perhaps leads the rest of us to expect something altogether more exotic, when this is the plain, comforting, yet temple-achingly sweet, confection of my childhood.

Vanilla Fudge


Chocolate Pudding

There is more to tea cups than just cups of tea. I love tea cups, but I cannot stand tea - I know, how very un-British of me!

FLOURLESS CHOCOLATE LIME CAKE WITH MARGARITA CREAM There is something about a flourless chocolate cake that makes it so damn easy to eat. This is one of my fallback favourites for pudding when I have friends over for supper.

Flourless Chocolate Lime Cake With Margarita Cream

NIGELLA'S RECIPE FOR STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKES I've long been fascinated by this American pudding, which isn't really a scone so much as a tender, buttery sponge with scone-like properties, split and crammed with strawberries.  There's so much dispute, as there always is with traditional recipes, over the right method to make them, serve them, eat them:  should they be individual-sized or one huge flat disc?

Strawberry Shortcakes

Strawberry shortcake, here à la Nigella, is such an evocatively summery food, though strawberries in anything is good with me - roll on Wimbledon.

I had been counting down the days until this book came out, so I'm thrilled to be able to draw your attention to it now. But it also presents me with a dilemma, as it is so very hard to choose just one recipe; every page made me salivate.

A celebration of the food and flavours of the southern and eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Persiana is packed with over 100 modern and accessible recipes for delicious Middle Eastern dishes from BBC Good Food Show regular Sabrina Ghayour.

I have all of Nigel Slater's books, and each and every one of them belongs in pride of place in Cookbook Corner, but right now I am revelling - greedily, joyously - in Eat - The Little Book of Fast Food. And you don't need me to tell you that Mr Slater's fast food is nothing to do with the less salubrious fare most associated with that term. This is all about flavoursome, unfussy food you can rustle up for supper without stress. And written, as ever, oh so beautifully.

Fishpond Australia, Eat - The Little Book of Fast Food: (Cloth-covered, flexible binding) by Nigel Slater. Buy Books online: Eat - The Little Book of Fast Food: (Cloth-covered, flexible binding), ISBN Nigel Slater

There are two reasons why I am delighted to feature this book on Cookbook Corner: 1) I am the hugest fan of America's Test Kitchen and all associated publications; 2) I am asked about gluten-free baking so often, and without exhaustive experimentation it is impossible to advise responsibly.

The how can it be gluten free cookbook : revolutionary techniques, groundbreaking recipes, by America's Test Kitchen (Firm) (America's Test Kitchen,

Although I rather agree with the Michael Pollan stand on going gluten free - that apart from coeliacs, for whom it is an absolute necessity, it is "a bit of a social contagion" - I have been inspired by a new book in my life - and freshly up on Cookbook Corner - America's Test Kitchen The How Can It Be Gluten Free Cookbook to dabble in a bit of gluten-free baking.

If those without coeliac disease feel the better for going gluten-free, who am I to argue? The important thing is that all of us eat well and joyfully.