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Mantras of Lord Hanuman- The incarnation of Lord Shiva

Mantras of Lord Hanuman- The incarnation of Lord Shiva

Hanuman - fun loving, has supreme strength, unflinching devotion and the destroyer of evil. Now that's a deadly combination!

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Hanuman is considered to be an avatar (incarnation) of Lord Shiva. Shri Hanuman, a great disciple of Sri Rama, is the symbol of devotion and dedication. Lord Hanumana is a provider of courage, hope, knowledge, intellect and devotion.Hanuman is worshipped for his strength, agility and valor. The worship of Hanuman, symbolizes the worship of the Supreme Lord, for acquiring knowledge, physical and mental strength, truthfulness, sincerity, self-sacrifice, modesty, loyalty, and profound devotion…


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GOD Summoned To Court Lord Rama,Indra.

Instances. A judge in India has summoned two Hindu gods, Ram and Hanuman, to help resolve a property dispute. Judge Sunil Kumar Singh in the eastern state of Jharkhand has issued adverts in newspapers asking the gods to “appear before the court personally”.

GOD Summoned To Court Lord Rama,Indra.

Once when Sita gave you a necklace you bit it with your teeth like it was your breakfast then Sita asked “Hanuman what was wrong with the mala” you replied that you were just tryin to find Rama then someone said “Hanuman Ram's inside you” in that moment you revealed your Truth you tore open your chest and inside your heart Ram was shining like a diamond inside the dark.. MC Yogi Lyrics Rock on Hanuman

Hindu God Hanuman

Gifted with the power of his divine father, he soared through the heavens toward the sun. Vāyu went with him, covering him with a cool breeze so that he would not be burned by the sun. The sun-god also withheld his blazing rays as he understood that Hanumān was a great servant of Viṣṇu who would later assist Him on earth.

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