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three different views of a bench made out of bookshelves and yellow cushions on it
Elliot Bastianon Has Launched His 'Straight Lines' Furniture Collection
Australian based designer Elliot Bastianon, has created a new modern furniture collection named 'Straight Lines'. #ModernFurniture #Design #Couch #Wood
three pieces of glass with birds and branches in the shape of heart shaped pendants
Using Transparencies in Resin
two pictures of different types of plants in frames on a white background and below them, there is a necklace that has been altered to look like something from nature
Foraged Pieces of a Michigan Forest Encased in Delicately Laser-Cut Wooden Pendants
Erin LaRocque | resin jewelry | nature-inspired jewelry | wood jewelry | spring accessories
an entertainment center with bookshelves, television and other items on it in a living room
High style, low-budget in this 750 square foot English flat
London Loft Apartment-Sigmar-09-1 Kindesign
the steps to make a pond in a potted planter are shown with instructions
That's All You Do...
Water Garden: add a few minnows to keep mosquitoes at bay.
two pictures of a bedroom with a bed, desks and computer on the floor
Ideas & Inspiration of Modern #Bedroom Design