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Zone of Silence – Mapimí Silent Zone
Zone of Silence is a place full of mystery and legends. A desert where radio signals were not found, and the compass stopped working. This enigmatic place is located in the Bolson de Mapimí between the states of Chihuahua (In the municipality of Jiménez ), Durango, and Coahuila. Mapimí silent zone has an aura of mysticism and legends because when you enter this place, you will notice that compasses fail just like clocks and radios stop working.
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Patomskiy Crater – Strange Crater in Siberia
Patomskiy crater or Patom crater is a cone of crushed limestone boulders, located on the slope of one of the mountains of the Patomsky Upland. Here lies the border between the Irkutsk region and Yakutia, in the Bodaibo District of the Irkutsk Region, 180 km from the city of Lensk. From a bird's eye view, the Patomskiy crater resembles a huge bird's nest with an egg inside, that's why the local population calls this place the "Fire Eagle Nest".