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two people standing next to each other in front of a door and one person wearing red boots
Let's teach the world clothes/makeup are gender neutral 👏
some people are riding motorcycles in different languages
anushka after her wedding night and sushthh's on the phone
two pictures of a woman with different facial expressions on her face and in the middle
So according to some she is only beautiful if she lightens her skin 5-7 shades? wtf and by the way her arms to face looks weird AF like they belong to another person :/
a man sitting on the ground holding a sign that says, the smartest beggar in the world
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two men talking to each other in front of a poster with the words dad and son
A Great Advice… #jokes #funny #sillyjokes – Jokes
A Great Advice #jokes #funny #sillyjokes
an image of some smiley faces on a pink background with the words, what do you think
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an image of a funny joke in hindi
an image of a man with red glasses on his face and the caption in english
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a metal plate topped with pita bread next to a bowl filled with curry and sauce
two smiley faces with the words in english and an image of two smiling faces on green background
the text on this page is in english and has two smiley faces with different expressions