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"Kajol is one of the closest friends I have, she is very close to my heart, and always will be" - SRK Srk Fanatik Indo:


I would to categorize him as a "first crush" when i was now, i still watch his old movies :)

SRK <3

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So young! #SRK #Shahrukh #Bollywood

SRK-They say that to love Bollywood, you must love its King. Well I do, but I only found him attractive in his earlier films. He is a great actor though!

Shahrukh Khan ❤️

RT Bhaitards were the most happy creature before filmfareBecause they knew "Bhai" is not going to break the streak of not winning an award

Can't stop seeing

The way he looks at us through camera, hunter eyes ❤

#SRK #Shahrukh #Bollywood

ShahRukh Khan (b. 2 Nov Bollywood Actor - Often referred to as 'King Khan'…