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the cosmic ice sculptures of the Carina Nebula via Hubblesite. The visible space is big, complex and can be incredibly beautiful. from 9 Incredible Photos of our Universe Nebula Space Stars Astronomy Cosmos, All Nature, Science And Nature, Science Space, Carina Nebula, Space And Astronomy, Nasa Space, Galaxy Space, Space Planets

Would You Rather See Your Future Or Change Your Past?

If you had the chance to alter your life, would you take it?

Stairway to the cosmos. Stairway to the cosmos. Fantasy Kunst, Fantasy Art, Fantasy Landscape, Landscape Art, Galaxy Wallpaper, Wallpaper Art, Milky Way, Science And Nature, Science Space

Mensaje de Cristina de Andrómeda por Agesta. Parte I

@solitalo Amada Familia de Luz: Dispónganse a recibir la Energía que Ruth y yo les estamos enviando desde Andrómeda. Esta energía si la aceptan, les traerá grandes ventajas. Su fe se verá fortalecida, adquirirán habilidad para centrarse en el ahora, se relacionarán de una forma nueva con todas las personas de las cuáles se habían…

Semilla ( /Tree of Life Tree Of Life Art, Tree Art, Tree Of Life Images, Sacred Geometry Art, Sacred Art, Esoteric Art, Visionary Art, Psychedelic Art, Fractal Art

Dit lijkt op me tekening van gister maar dit is hoe die moet zijn :D.. !! Semilla ( (Janfufu-1991)

Mother Earth Feel the glory of being grounded Feel the energy, you'll be astounded! Mother Earth has healing power for you, Walking barefoot is all you must do! Dear Mother Earth is truly a wonder, You've witnessed storms with lightning and thunder. Psychedelic Art, Psy Art, Native American Art, Third Eye, Love And Light, Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Trippy, Awakening

.YES! the earth was made to stay to times indefinite...its not going anywhere! Only mankind as in "MAN or HUMANS"...the wicked will be gone ! Only filled with lovers of Jehovah who submit to his rulership.