Royalton Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba.Ranked as the top hotel in Cuba, their staff is famous for doing whatever you want at all times. With complete service, multi-roomed cabins with ocean views, and all the mojitos you could want, it's hard to believe that their most known for having some of the finest resort cuisine in the world.

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Ritz-Carlton is known for its luxury, and their location in Tokyo doesn't disappoint. Vacationing here will make you feel like a millionaire if you already aren't one. The Carlton Suite tops skyscrapers and has a direct view to the Imperial Palace and Mount Fiji. It also has a marble bathroom, rain shower booths, and massive beds. This is luxury travel at its finest.

We all know about Bora Bora, but you may not know how magnificent The St. Regis is. Their over-water villas and suites put you right in the sea, complete with balconies and glass panels in the floor. It also has a private saltwater lagoon and fine dining nearby. If you have a loved one, this is the place to take him/her.

We had to include the Caribbean, and there's no better place to start than Anguilla. This pristine resort comes complete with turquoise waters amazing coral reefs, and white sand beaches. Did I mention they have an 8,000-square-foot spa that overlooks the ocean? The hotel is absolutely stunning, and the views are second to none.

Lodge at Kauri Cliffs, Matauri Bay, New Zealand. The lodge also has one of the top-rated golf course in the world, along with amazing ocean views and impeccable staff service. You'll live like a prince with the infinity pool and multi-room houses. As the top resort by Conde Nast Traveler, your vacation doesn't get better than this.

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