William uses different shades of greens, browns and yellows to emphasise autumn leaves. In this design the leaves are flowing which could represent the falling of the leaves in autumn when the seasons change, I love this as it gives the design a sense of movement.

Specimen of 'Acanthus' wallpaper, foliate pattern of intertwined acanthus leaves in shades of green and brown; Block-printed in distemper colours, on paper; Part of 'Volume a pattern book containing 25 Morris & Co. patterns from England;

William Morris "Hammersmith" 1889 - This hand-knotted carpet is the first weaving of a design made by William Morris and his assistant J.H. Dearle. Two later weavings of the design were made. All of Morris & Co.'s hand-knotted carpets are called 'Hammersmiths' after the location of his London home, where they were first woven. Victoria & Albert Museum. He was a member of The Artists Rifles.


elyssediamond: “ Bullerswood carpet William Morris woven by Morris & Co, Hammersmith, London, in about 1889 V&A museum [s] More Art Nouveau ”

London, South Kensington & Knightsbridge, Victoria and Albert Museum, Courtyard

London, South Kensington & Knightsbridge, Victoria and Albert Museum, Courtyard. A wonderful lunch break spot as museum a full day of viewing

Capture a William Morris Anemone Wallpaper: V&A image on a designer roller blind at Creatively Different Blinds. William Morris Anemone Wallpaper: V&A blinds from just

Wallpaper design, by William Morris © Victoria and Albert Museum / V Prints

Art and Craft Movement (William Morris design. The Arts and Crafts Movement in the UK sought to return people to the art of making things by hand.

“Dr. Pozzi at Home”. 1881.

Review: Sargent’s Intimate Portraits of Friends at the Metropolitan Museum

John Singer Sargent, Dr Pozzi at Home, 1881 - © The Armand Hammer Collection, Los Angeles