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Jordan is a place everyone has heard of and everyone dreams to visit. A beautiful kingdom, it is home to the city of Petra and the Red Sea. But there's a lot more to Jordan than most tourists know. We list down 10 must-do things when visiting the nation.Don't Miss! 10 Travel Hacks Which Will Change Your Life Forever  


10 Must-Do Things When in Jordan

Isn’t it true that everybody wants to amass huge wealth but very few people actually seem to know the art of making money or retaining it? Let’s unearth the secrets of getting rich.

Secrets to Get Rich & Stay Rich

As the bridal season is currently on, one thing brides are afraid of is waking up on D-day with a pimple on their face. That one little spot can spoil everything! And the worst part is they take forever to leave. So get ready to fight them with your everyday kitchen ingredients. Image courtesy: © Thinkstock/ GettyImages Must-see: You'll Never Believe the Health Benefits of Just a Dash of Lemon!

Simple Home Remedies to Fight Acne and Pimples

Heard of healthy fried food? These two opposing words when placed together sound weird, right? We were as astonished when we first witnessed what a simple kitchen appliance can do to regular fried food. Well, the food was cooked without any oil and the result was crispy crunchy deliciousness. This new appliance that has absolutely caught our fancy is the Philips Air Fryer.

Product Review: Why Philips Air Fryer Makes Our Hearts Happy

It was just a rumour till a couple of days ago, but the queen of reality television, Kim Kardashian has revealed that she is en route India and will soon be a part of Bigg Boss 8. We have always had firangs being a part of the show and famous personalities like, Jade Goody and Pamela Anderson have been a part of the past seasons. Kim will enter the house on November 22 and will stay for a few days.

Bigg Boss 8: Kim Kardashian to Enter the House

November brings with it winter chills and what better way to stay warm than layering. While your cardigans and warm scarves are essential, layering can also be done with something as simple as your old loose plaid shirt. So dig into your closet and work the layering trend with aplomb. Don't Miss! Body Jewellery is the New ‘It' Item

Trend Alert: How to Work the Layering Trend

Being half-German, half-Bengali, brought up in Hyderabad and marrying a Punjabi, Bollywood beauty Dia Mirza wanted her wedding to reflect the convergence of cultures. So while she dressed like a Hyderabadi bride, there were other aspects and rituals that conveyed the marriage of these cultural influences. Dia Mirza shares with us how she and hubby Sahil Sangha pulled off their cross-cultural wedding.

5 Keys to a Beautiful Wedding

Ileana D'cruz has been surprising us this entire week with some fun and edgy looks while promoting her upcoming flick Happy Ending. Have a look as the girl-next-door turned fashionista and be sure to tell us in the comments below which looks you loved best. Image courtesy: BCCL, Instagram Don't Miss! Which of These 5 Deepika Padukone Looks Do You Love?  

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No don't mistake these as resolutions! These are simple enough life changes that you can implement in your day to day life without putting in too much effort. The result, not only will you stay healthy physically but mentally too. Check out this list and start working on a healthier and happier you for 2015. Image courtesy: Thinkstock/Getty Images Don't Miss! 11 Inspiring Quotes to Get You Going in 2015

10 Steps to a Healthier, Happier You in 2015

Since the scorching heat of the sun is on a wane, winter isn't far away. And while we love the chilly winds, we know the importance of keeping ourselves warm and toasty. Little ones need to be bundled up, as they are prone to catching a cold or falling ill due to the drop in temperature. To keep your tiny tots cozy, we picked 10 warm and trendy winter jackets. These winter must-haves will let them play outdoors all day, saving you from worrying about their health. Image courtesy: ...

10 Warm Winter Jackets for Your Li’l One to Cuddle In