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My Portfolio Illustration Style This is an illustration from my portfolio which is done in whimsical style and the girl and the rabbit are semi realistic. The coloring done is water color and a slight use of pencil color is also done to make the illustration look finer. This style of illustration for children books is really loved by the children.

tailor picture book illustration.

Children book stories

This style of illustration is a classic water color illustration. the characters are semi realistic or whimsical and the colors are very soft yet very clear. the characters, both human as well as the whale are having very clear features and expressions. The background includes clouds, smoke, mountains and the sky which are also colored as per their natural colors. There are small fishes inside the water and its an altogether different worlds and outside its a different world.

Water color illustration This illustration is classic water color illustration with animals as the central characters. All the characters are in fun mood and jumping and flying all over the place. The characters are very animated in their look and expressions are loud and happy. A lot of activity and fun can be in the illustration. There is no such background used and the illustration shows the immediate scene in picture.

Bird Illustration.