So I don’t go insane lol

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i'm just making it up as i go poster with hands holding each other
Life is short stay out of your head
a white cross on a pink background
25 Super Pretty Wallpaper Backgrounds For iPhone You'll Love
a hand with writing on it that says god please protect me as i turn my dreams into reality
Cute Quotes, Me Quotes, Kata-kata
a man walking past a sign that says there is still time for god to make it beautiful
God can turn it around <3
a sign that says focus on god's ability, not your inability
Gods ability
a sign that says just because you don't anything happens to happen when it mean god is not working
#words #quotes #daily #god #life #lifestyle
the words deeply loved by jesus on a beige background
Depth of love
a green sign that says don't worry, god is always on time with trees in the background
Don’t worry, God is always on time.
a handwritten message that reads, i'll'll be okay god's in control
it will be okay, i promise
a note written to someone about what they are doing in the year ahead, with blue ink on white paper
the words trust god even if the answer is wait on a gray background with black lettering
the quote you are the artist of your own life, don't hand the paintbrush to anyone else
a handwritten note written on paper with writing underneath it
a sign that says don't worry, the right ones won't leave
an office sign that says everything is a choice