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money and numicom
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money and numicom

Maths activity to emphasis the value of coins, children have to use the coins to make the value shown on each sticker, up to 10p.  Could be extended using different values or different coins # teaching ideas #maths #money #sen #continuousprovision #eyfs


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Exploring coins using magnets in the water area. EYFS
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Exploring coins using magnets in the water area. EYFS

Teaching money value

"J" has been asking about coins and how much each is worth lately, so I thought it might be fun to get some play coins and doing a counting game. We made a chart together of what each coin is worth and different ways they can equal each other. He liked it, spent about 30 minutes matching them up like the chart and asking the names of each. We made this chart together, then he would look at it for reference. "J" loved playing with all the coins Counting money "J" was so happy he put the chart…

Teaching money with numicon #eyfs #numicon
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Teaching money with numicon #eyfs #numicon

Teach From The Heart: Money Money Money!
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Money Money Money!

This week we started our unit on money in math. Needless to say, the kids were THRILLED! We started on Thursday by examining my coin collection from around the world, making rubbings and drawings of them, and them comparing and contrasting them with coins from the US. Then we played a fun "I Have Who Has" game that I created for counting coins.The kids really enjoyed the game! They played it three times and wanted to continue to challenge themselves to do it faster! For a free download of…

💷 Coin Strip £ & pence. Supporting in the classroom or home with coin recognition. Having real life money is so important for children to handle and play with.

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Coin rubbing to aid coin recognition

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Coin rubbing to aid coin recognition