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Walker Seat Coverz & Roll Bar Cover. Great new product with several cute cover designs. Mobility accessories for rolling walkers, rollators. Let's the elderly personalize their rolling mobility walker, rollator, making them less institutional looking.

Wearable boots sense heel contact with the ground to process and deliver boosted strength and balance. Designed for those recovering from ankle injury or to assist the elderly to remain mobile.

The Merits Mini Coupe is a great option for people who want to get around and have limited movement of hips and/or legs. #elderly #senior #assistedliving #handicapped

Mobility for the Elderly: A comfortable mobility device with intuitive controls

The older generation suffers from restricted limb movement, which makes them confined to wheelchairs many a times. This snatches away their independence and maintaining mobility also becomes a major concern for them. Such a dependency can irritate elde

EZ Backscratcher by Bret Madrigal — Kickstarter. A backscratcher designed for people with limited arm movement such as the elderly, injured and disabled.