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mise en scène très poussée ou post manipulation numérique
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Shinichi Maruyama

Not exactly lettering but appeals to my love of black ink. The work of Shinichi Maruyama "a stunning abstract collection made with sumi calligraphy ink flying in mid-air"

Levi-Laundry by Rebekah W on 500px

☆ Levi-Laundry by Rebekah ☆ Nice work. The motion blur filter is done well and differently as to show exploding and falling. Would have bumped up the colors of the clothes on the floor to match the neon colors of those flying about.

wind by Adrian Sommeling on 500px

Adrian Sommeling is a superb talented photographer and photo manipulator, who shoot amazing photographs with humour and creative. Adrian live and work in H

sink me in the ocean by on @deviantART

26 Creative Surreal Photography by Anja Stiegler - HD Wallpapers , Picture ,Background ,Photos ,Image - Free HQ Wallpaper - HD Wallpaper PC

Planet Bolivia by Victoria Rogotneva on 500px

Planet Bolivia by Victoria Rogotneva