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Frieda Kahlo

Jasper Johns (1930-present) periods: mixed media, modern art, pop art, neo-dada, abstract impressionism medium: printmaking, painting

This saying is powerful! I am drugs, the kind that blows your mind, and asks you - "am I reality, or is reality outside me?"

The heart is not living until it has experienced pain. Man has not lived if he has lived and worked with his body and mind without heart. The soul is all light, but all darkness is caused by the death of the heart. Pain makes it alive. The same heart that was once full of bitterness, when purified by love becomes the source of all goodness. All deeds of kindness spring from it. ~~ Hazrat Inayat Khan

Ladies, don't think "these exercises are for men" just because a man is drawn on them. These will work for you perfectly fine too!

#Rumi No one expresses Truth the way Rumi does! Poetic and simple, they touch the Heart in the deepest recesses and raise the consciousness closer to LOVE.